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    Greenhouse gases emission inspection for National Carbon Trading Enterprises

    Inspection, Checking and Reexamination of Enterprise Greenhouse Gas Emissions 
    Greenhouse gas emissions inspection is an independent examination and judgment of specific enterprise carbon emissions by commercial organizations in a certain period of time. Through the inspection, the organizations should make sure the base of unit emission, the report of carbon dioxide emission meeting the requirement of accounting guideline and thedata isvalid and objective in order to finish the National Development and Reform Commission (NCDR) quota allocation.
    PONY owns a professional team for theinspection. The team membersare IRCA registered lead auditors and auditors who have experiences of working in CDM projects and carbon trading provinces and cities. According to theindustry accounting guidelineissued bythe NCDR, PONY can offer related services,such as greenhouse gas emission inspection, checking, andaccounting for industry supplementary data sheets.
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