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    About Pony Testing International Group

    Pony Testing International Group, for short PONY TEST, is established in 2002 and initially transformed from a research institute. Headquartered in Beijing, PONY TEST has grown to a large-scale comprehensive inspection, testing and certification group with nearly 6,000 employees, over 20 large-scale laboratories, over 30 fully-owned subsidiaries and its service network covering all over country.

    PONY TEST has a complete service system, and can provide a comprehensive inspection, testing, certification, monitoring, metrological confirmation, evaluation and consultation services, etc., covering food, medicine, health products, agricultural products, ecological environment, consumer goods, electronics, automobiles, genes, construction materials, factory inspection, metrology, certification, toxicology, occupational health, low-carbon, green, energy-saving, etc.. PONY TEST possesses the qualification of CMA, CNAS, food re-inspection agency, CATL, CCC, DILAC, metrology and certification, etc., and has been approved and accredited by multi-government authorities in China, such as Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, State Administration for Market Regulation, Civil Aviation Administration etc, whose test report is widely recognized by over 90 countries and regions.

    PONY TEST has always adhering to the business philosophy of customer demand-centric and providing comprehensive professional services and solutions for customers. Based on China and targeted at global market, PONY absorbs the most advanced international testing technology, promotes the development of China's local testing market, and makes all the efforts to build a comprehensive inspection, testing and certification group with international competitiveness.

    Food, medicine, Health Products testing
    In the field of food testing, PONY test has the qualification of food re-inpection agency and CATL agricultural product quality and safety testing organization, which is also recognized by the Agricultural and rural Department of Green Food, pollution-free agricultural products, geographical indications of agricultural products and the NCAA recognized organic product certification testing institutions, can undertake analysis sampling task for the agricultural rural department pollution-free agricultural products, green food, Geographical indications Product . Meanwhile, PONY is also the winning units of a multi-provincial and Municipal Market Supervision department, committing the testing and monitoring tasks of supervision and monitoring, risk monitoring, emergency sampling during the production, circulation, catering and other aspects of food safety. In addition, PONY test group also undertakes the analysis and testing of green Chinese Medicine and the study of harmful substances in traditional Chinese medicine and other related scientific research topics.

    PONY test group can provide nutrients, nutrition labels, microorganisms, fungal toxins, agricultural residues, animal residues, additives and non-edible substances, heavy metals and other conventional physical and chemical projects and toxic and harmful substances testing services for food, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, health products, special foods, pet food, feed, fertilizers, food contact and packaging materials, drinking water, etc.Meanwhile, PONY also provide pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic products, agricultural products geographical indications product quality identification certification testing services.

    Agricultural Product Testing
    Agricultural product testing is an indispensable means to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products and consumer consumption safety, and plays an active role in the whole chain supervision from farmland to table. PONY test Group can provide pollution-free agricultural product certification testing, green food certification testing, organic product certification testing, agricultural products geographical indications product quality identification and testing, as well as pesticide, veterinary drug residue testing. PONY can provide technical support for regulators and security risks caution for producers by its scientific and accurate test results.

    Ecological environment Monitoring and testing
    Ecological environment detection and monitoring is the foundation and important link of environmental protection work, which can accurately, comprehensively and timely reflect the current environment, and provide an effective basis for the prediction of environmental development trend, and also lay a foundation for the implementation of environmental protection policy.

    PONY test provides environmental monitoring, indoor environmental testing, sanitary testing in public places, environmental certification testing of origin, environmental noise, vibration and radiation detection, soil, sludge and fertilizer testing, solid waste detection, water and wastewater testing, drinking water testing and marine environmental protection related testing, etc. All kinds of monitoring data issued are widely used in environmental impact assessment, environmental protection Project completion acceptance, sewage licensing accounting and supervision of law enforcement basis and other fields, playing an active role for environmental management and scientific decision-making.

    Consumer goods
    Several constituent laboratories of PONY test group are the registration testing institutions of domestic non-special purpose cosmetics. Since 2006, PONY was become the strategic partners and cooperation laboratories of P&G in United States, and our quality system passed its strict evaluation successfully, especially got a good grade of QA 100 points during the evaluation in March 2011. The group is also a third party testing agency accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and a member unit of the Toy Standardization Technical Committee and the Technical Standards Committee of the China Toy Association that is involved in the preparation of standard regulations in the Toy field, and assists market regulators in the circulation of cosmetics, toys, children's products, students stationery, clothing and other commodities for quality sampling work.

    PONY test group can evaluate products in the sales and retail markets. Through testing, you can determine whether a product complies with regulatory requirements and industry standards, and understand the performance of the product for consumers and compared to competing products. A tailor-made appropriate product testing plan for the enterprise can help enterprises manage risk and maintain the corporate brand. Testing items include Cosmetic testing, luggage testing, sanitary products paper products testing, daily washing supplies testing, paint testing, textile testing, shoe/Leather testing, toy testing, stationery testing, jewelry/handicraft testing.

    Electronic product testing service
    Pony Testing international group is the RoHS IEC 62321 standard of the Chinese representative units, meanwhile participated in the drafting and formulation of China's RoHS standards, and assist local market regulatory authorities in the circulation of electronic products for quality and safety sampling. Pony Testing international group is also engaged in the unified implementation of electronic information products pollution Control Voluntary Certification laboratory, the State administration of market supervision and administration recognized import and export commodities (mechanical and electrical commodities, etc.) inspection and appraisal institutions, China Quality Certification Center (CQC) commissioned testing laboratory, China Electrical and mechanical products import and Export association recognized testing institutions

    Motorola Asia recognized material analysis Laboratory, Panasonic headquarters contracted testing institutions. Pony Testing international group can provide enterprises in product development, design, production, sales and other aspects of RoHS testing, REACH detection, halogen testing, heavy metal detection in batteries, heavy metal detection in packaging materials, PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon detection), phthalates detection, PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) / PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) testing, circuit board ionic contamination testing, with enterprises to establish an environmentally friendly green supply chain control system, strengthen supplier raw material quality control, to ensure that enterprise products in line with the national and regional laws and regulations requirements. Pony Testing international group can provide various compliance detection, such as RoHS, detected services for Halogen-free, heavy metal Detection in batteries, heavy metal detection in packaging materials, PAHs, phthalate, PFOS/PFOA, PCB ion contamination detection, and the other restricted material detection electronics.

    Battery & Chemical testing
    PONY has ISO/IEC 17020 inspection organization qualification, and can provide battery safety performance, battery capacity label, and battery CB certification testing services for lithium batteries and large power (energy) batteries according to relevant test standards. And safety reliability laboratory. Testing items include type testing, battery transportation safety, cargo transportation condition identification, and SDS chemical Safety technical Specification, etc. PONY test group can also carry out safety testing and chemical material safety assessment of chemicals according to relevant standards.

    Automotive vehicle/parts/body accessories testing
    PONY Test Group participates in the formulation of a number of automotive standards such as China's Road Vehicle Prohibited Substances Requirements (referred to as China Automotive ELV); and maintains a good and in-depth relationship with the China Industrial Vehicle Association, the Japan Automobile Industry Association, and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center. The cooperative relationship is a member of the Working Group of the Energy Saving Subcommittee of the Automobile Standards Committee and the Vehicle Recycling Standards.

    It is the research institute and quality supervision and inspection center for the research of automobile body accessories pouters in China's automobile industry. It has the qualification of CCC inspection and certification body of the Certification and Accreditation Administration. It is the quality inspection organization of machinery industry products of China Machinery Industry Federation. The Certification Organization (CQC) commissioned the testing organization, the China Certification Center for Automotive Products (CCAP) automotive product certification testing organization, and the Wuhan Laboratory of Wuhan Automobile and Motor Vehicle Testing and Certification Alliance (Wuhan Automobile Attachment).

    Genetic Testing
    With the increasing popularity of transgenic product and frequent occurrence of meat adulteration incidents, many countries have formulated relevant laws and regulations, and China is strengthening the supervision and management about transgenic product and meat adulteration. Genetic testing laboratory in PONY TEST, which has been founded strictly according to General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, can provide testing services according to the related standards in the fields of animal and plant origin components, allergen in food and food raw materials, transgenic crops screening and strain identification of transgenic crops, etc..

    Building and Engineering testing
    Building and engineering testing laboratory in PONY TEST with advanced equipment, professional technicians and perfect laboratory conditions, can provide testing services about physical properties and harmful substance of thermal insulation materials, wood products, paints and other decorative materials according to related standards.

    E-commerce Testing
    E-commerce can apply stable, high-quality and reliable goods, which can make sure its benign development. As a service provider of quality inspection, PONY TEST can provide quality inspection services for e-commerce business, help e-commerce enterprises improve the quality control of goods and the quality management capabilities of suppliers, provide control solutions of tailor-made product for e-commerce, and achieve the online inspection service experience of "staying at home". Meanwhile PONY TEST can also provide quality control testing servicesin e-commerce platform.

    Two-site on-site audit and training services
    PONY TEXT has professional registered third-party auditors in food field and two-party reviewers, and professionalism in testing, system certification, two-party audit, standards and other fields, thereby can provide thematic training and customized capacity enhancement services for customers.

    Audit objects include the production side and channel end, such as suppliers, commissioned processing plants, Shangchao, chain restaurants, hotels and their dealers and agents' ware houses.

    The audit includes hardware audit, including the plant environment and internal structure, equipment layout and structure, installation, facilities and compliance, laboratory and equipment to meet the testing needs, and software audit, including qualification review, premise program management, personnel training plan and related records, SSOP management, food safety key control link management, chemical pollution prevention and foreign matter pollution control, biological pollution control and microbial monitoring implementation, product identification and traceability , supplier management, customer complaint handling, warehousing and management, allergen control, etc..

    Inspection and on-site service
    PONY testing international group is an import and export commodity inspection and appraisal agency, which posssesses the qualification of ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection agency qualification. PONY could provide a variety of types of inspection services to ensure that product quality meet the requirement of customers orders, help customers reducing and eliminating the risk of improtance of the quality of goods as possible. Service items of PONY include factory audit/supplier Audit, pre-production inspection, in-production inspection, final random pre-shipment inspection (FRI)/Pre-shipment inspection (PSI), manufacturing supervision (field inspection), 100 percent full inspection, supervision services, on-site services, etc.

    Metrological calibration service
    Metrological Calibration laboratory of Pony testing international group is build in accordance with "Metrology Law of People's Republic of China", related metrology regulations and administrative regulations. The lab was registered under the approval of State Administration of Market Supervision, occupied with an independent and legal third party just status. The laboratory calibrates and tests the instrument in strict accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications in the relevant national verification procedures/calibration specifications, national standards or instrument specifications. Calibration and testing are correspond to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 9000, and the measurement of standard instruments can be traced back to national metrology benchmarks and the International Unit of Units (SI).

    Authentication service
    Pony testing international group is built under the approval of National Certification and Accreditation Regulatory Commission (Approval No.: cnca-r-2016-236), with independent legal personality of the third party certification organization. PONY is mainly engaged in business of quality management system certification (QMS), Environmental management System certification (EMS), Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification (OHSMS), Food Safety Management System Certification (FSMS), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point system Certification (HACCP), Organic Product certification, Good agricultural Standard certification (GAP), Cosmetics Good production Specification certification (GMPC).

    Toxicological Safety Assessment
    PONY testing international group has a license for use of laboratory animals issued by Beijing Laboratory Animal Management office, and has a barrier-level experimental animal facility and a regular laboratory animal facility that can simultaneously carry out animal experiments in large and small mice, as well as rabbits and guinea pigs. PONY testing international group is about to possess the qualification of food, cosmetics and fertilizer registration and other toxicological safety evaluation and health food function evaluation of CMA inspection and testing institutions with strict quality management system, strong technical strength, and respectively obtained pharmaceutical, pesticide registration and chemical products GLP certification of the Original Food and Drug Administration, the former Ministry of Agriculture and CNAS .

    PONY testing international group can provide customers with services such as food, cosmetics, fertilizer registration, drug, pesticide registration and toxicological safety evaluation of chemicals, as well as functional evaluation of health food products in accordance with relevant standards.

    Occupational Health Evaluation
    Pony Testing International Group has the qualification Certificate of Occupational Health Technical Service, which can be tested and evaluated according to the standards for the factors of occupational disease hazards, providing technical basis for enterprises to improve the protection measures of occupational diseases, providing technical reference for occupational health inspection, preventing and reducing occupational health risks for enterprises, strengthen and standardize occupational health management. We provide service for clients that not limited to production and business units, which have been put into production and produced or have occupational hazards in the production process.

    Green Evaluation Consulting Services
    Pony Testing International Group has a number of technical experts in green field (architecture, structure, HVAC, electromechanics and fire protection, etc.), with virtual analysis software system as the background support and rich industry experience ,PONY can provide owner green industry consulting, audit , and certification and customers with consulting and evaluation of green buildings, green factories, green products, Green Park, Green supply chain and other green industry .

    Energy Saving Consulting
    In order to meet the challenges of energy and environmental resources faced by human society, Energy Consulting Department of Pony Testing International Group provides one-stop energy-saving consulting services to provide customers with a full range of energy-saving technology solutions. Including the energy-saving optimization of project design programs, energy-saving assessment of fixed assets projects, energy audit, renewable energy efficiency testing, mechanical and electrical commissioning, energy-saving renovation and building energy efficiency assessment and other services.

    Greenhouse gas control and environmental pollution prevention
    Pony Testing International Group has obtained the qualifications of a number of provincial carbon verification third-party body qualification, which can carry out greenhouse gas emissions accounting for enterprises, undertake preparation of greenhouse gas inventory at provincial, municipal and regional levels, and predict, simulate an analyze regional carbon Peak , propose low-carbon development program for various types of low-carbon pilot , as well as the implementation of carbon footprint research. Meanwhile, PONY can undertake pollution source inventory investigation, household survey and other services, and provide pollution prevention solutions and a basis to strengthen pollution source supervision, improve environmental quality, and prevent and control environment risks for environment protection measures such as Atmosphere 10, Water 10 and Soil 10

    Environmental Reliability Testing
    Products, in the design and application process, constantly withstand the impact from their own and external climate and mechanical environment, but still need to be able to work properly, which requires testing equipment to verify it. Environmental reliability testing can verify the reliability of the product in the product development stage, trial production stage and mass production sampling stage, which is beneficial to the enterprises to save the research and development and production costs and improve product quality.

    PONY TEST group has a large number of environmental reliability testing equipment, can scientifically and regularly carry out high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, temperature change, constant temperature and humidity, alternating wet and hot, salt mist, mold, sand dust, solar radiation, vibration, shock, free drop, temperature/humidity/vibration and other environmental tests.

    Safety testing
    PONY TEST group can provide customers with a comprehensive and professional safety testing service according to the relevant standards to ensure that the design and structure of the product can not cause harm to users and property, as well as pollution to the environment under normal use and possible failure conditions.

    Electromagnetic compatibility EMC Testing
    PONY TEST group has strong electromagnetic compatibility testing capabilities, establishes a good relationship of cooperation with a number of international certification bodies, and can provide quality testing services to help customers solve the electromagnetic compatibility problems of product researching and developing and designing process, put forward the product electromagnetic compatibility solutions. Services items include: conduct the product electromagnetic compatibility testing and evaluation in accordance with standards and provide testing reports, assist customers to apply for and obtain CE, FCC, E/e-mark, VCCI, CCC and other product certification, guide customers to get the in-depth interpretation of related regulations and standards of electromagnetic compatibility and improve the compliance rate, cooperate with customers to complete the test together at the scene and meet the various parameters requirements of customers.

    Material analysis and testing
    PONY TEST group has a number of imported precision testing instruments, which can provide material quality characterization, performance evaluation and mechanism analysis according to GB, ASTM, ISO and other standards. Service areas involve electronics, communications, machinery, chemicals, biology, watches and clocks, hardware, lighting, furniture, craft gifts and other industries, and PONY TEST group also provides analytical testing services for material surface technology research and product development. The service items include: material surface composition, structure determination and analysis, metallographic determination and analysis, material morphology determination and analysis, material mechanical properties determination and analysis, material physical and chemical properties measurement and analysis.

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