Benoit dechy

Ben is a 29 years old photographer born and raised in France, in 2014 he quit his job in France and moved to Australia for a year with a working holiday visa in his hands, he did not stop traveling since then. Back in 2016 he moved to New Zealand for a second WHV and Canada will be his home for 2018.

Oceania, Europe, Asia, all those countries, people he met on the road has changed him and pushed him to photography day after day.  

Ben is mostly inspired with nature and people, he likes to wait for the sun to rise in the morning, share a moment with someone new and make new friends, through a glazed and washed out editing style he captures landscapes, people on their adventures and intense portraitures.

Ben just arrived in south Portugal for a few days and he's looking for people to shoot with in this beautiful area. Sun is shining, summer is here, flowers are everywhere, interesting in having for yourself some cool photos ? Use the contact form and come say hi 

"I was the boy who used to stare outside the window in class ; dreaming up magical places that only existed in my fantasies. I was born with a beautiful imagination but without an artistic bone in my body. On a day I decided to buy my first camera and I've held it close to me ever since. What I love about portrait photography is that it allows me to help bring out the best in people. Helping people see things about themselves that they don’t see is the best feeling ever because it’s human nature to be hypercritical of ourselves."